Noon November is a design studio that aims to create unconventional, but still timeless, designs. Established and crafted by artist and designer Jeanette Lafontine, the jewellery line consists of pieces that function as wearable statements that are made for both the everyday and the rare occasion. 

Characterized by a simple color palate, crafted metal surfaces, innovative design and high quality, the collection draws inspiration from both nature and the man made, mergeing the two into a formal play between the structural (calculated) and the organic (insidential). 

Designed and handmade in Norway, none of the designs are massproduced, and each piece is made with the avareness to quality and quantity – an attention to what is put out there in the world. 

We see jewellery not as a secondary item or as accessories for your look, but as something personal – a precious relic that can be passed down to later generations. Each piece will eventualy have their own story, but to create that history it has to be worn and loved. 

The process is playfull, and experimental, but the result is deadly serious. 



None of our jewellery are mass-produced, and all collections are designed and handmade in Norway. Each piece is uniqe and individually formed and will therefore differ slightly from each other. 



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